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    Visited the Glen Waverley OPSM store because I was desperate. Did an eye test for soft contact lenses, but I thought I might look at getting glasses too. The experience till then was great then I was referred to the salesperson to help me choose my frames and put together prescription glasses. Once we had the frames and the salesperson tallied up the total cost and it comes to $426 with disc ount. Whatever is this discount?! I think its there to make you overlook the exaggerated prices. There was no discussion on the part of the salesperson whether Id be happy to pay the price. I felt pressured into taking out my credit card immediately. I wasnt given a quote or summary. I didnt know how much to expect. There are much cheaper and better options out there. Plus reading the reviews on OPSM there is a lot of negative not much positive. Why didnt I do the research beforehand?! Not happy with my first visit and Im not going there again given there are so much competition in the market. Emotions that summed up this visit: unhappy, feeling ripped off, nauseated. If you do decide to visit OPSM make sure you make it clear that youre just looking for a quote if youre not prepared to pay whatever price they lay out on the table. There was no discussion of the type of glasses I needed or which one was better suited to my situation. There was no explanation of the different lenses available and what each costs. The service was terrible. Also the optometrist confessed to me that they never fitted hard lenses before when I inquired about it. Optometrist seemed a little panicked that I would go into territory the optometrist wasnt familiar with. Optometrist didnt seem to understand my situation but rather push their point across. What a poor experience. Lesson learnt and hopefully this will be helpful for someone else as well. Also the Optom did not fit the glasses properly as I went to another Optom to get that opinion.
    By Vaxrox Ise Celdaxrax, September 16, 2020
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    Exceptional, made us want to do it all again, we probably will in five years when we renew our vows.
    By Ernest Rigby, September 03, 2020
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    t is truly amazing to see how my daughters dancing abilities and skills have progressed since she started at SIMDA four years ago. Each week she looks forward to her dance classes as each one brings her closer to her dream of becoming a professional dancer. We are grateful to all of the teachers and staff during the year and throughout the summer camp for instilling her passion for dance.
    By Jassie Carolyn, January 08, 2020

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